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Faculty and Staff International Travel Registry

University Policy requires all faculty and staff traveling abroad for University purposes to register their travel. Students including graduate assistants, professional degree students, residents, and fellows should NOT use this Travel Registry. Instead, they are required to register at the Student International Travel Registry.

Ready to Register Now?

Click on REGISTER TRAVEL button, and you will be prompted to log-in with your University Internet ID and password, unless you are already authenticated. After authenticating, you will be asked to provide:
  1. the locations and dates of your travel
  2. your travel purpose(s) and emergency contact information
  3. your international insurance information
The process should take no more than 5 minutes. If you wish to purchase CISI international insurance, select "I need/want to purchase CISI international insurance" and provide the University of Minnesota EFS number that will pay for the insurance, the contact information of financial staff for the EFS account and your date of birth.

Traveling with Students?

If you are serving as a program leader for a group of students AND working through one of the education abroad offices listed below, please register using the appropriate link below.
If you are traveling with students but not working with an education abroad office, you must ensure your students follow the Student International Travel and Education Abroad Health and Safety Policy. Note that "students" include undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree students as well as graduate assistants, research assistants, residents, and fellows. Please register your travel by clicking the Register Travel button at the top of this page. Then send the list of students with whom you are traveling to

Student travel to countries or locations designed as Level 3 or 4 Travel Advisory by the U.S. Department of State must be approved by the University's International Travel Risk Assessment and Advisory Committee.

Register for Someone Else?

If you are an administrative support staff person registering for someone else, then please log in at the PROXY REGISTRATION below. You will be prompted to log-in with your own University Internet ID  and password.

After you log-in, search for your faculty or staff traveler by typing a keyword, such as your traveler's name or University Internet ID, and click Search.  Once you find the traveler that you wish to register, click Register next to the traveler’s name.

Please provide all required travel information listed above (1-3) on behalf of the faculty or staff traveler you wish to register. If the traveler needs to purchase CISI international insurance, add the EFS Number, EFS contact, and your traveler's date of birth.

Returning to View a Registered Trip?

Click LOGIN at the top of the page. Note: this will not work if you have not yet registered a trip with the button above.

For more information or questions:


Travel News & Announcements



Register with U.S. Embassies
University of Minnesota travelers are encouraged to register with the local U.S. Embassies through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).


To report an issue, please contact Kevin Dostal Dauer at the GPS Alliance.

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